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Antaranga is organizing Durga Puja for the 25th consecutive year.
Sponsors Welcome
Recitation Competition

Antaranga Puja Commitee 2016-2017

  • Exec. Committee
President: Mr. Ashok Chakrabarti
General Secretary: Mr. Shivaji Samaddar
Treasurer: Dr. Alok Bhattacharya
Joint Secretary, Finance: Mr. Shyamal Datta
Joint Secretary, Cultural: Mr. Santanu Bhattacharyya
Vice Presidents: Mr. Suvankar Mitra
Mr. Samar Roy
Mr. Tapan Mazumder
Mr. Probir Mitra
Mr. Dulal Haldar
Executive Members: Mr Nirupam Lahiri
Mr. Sujoy Samanta
Mr. Atish Mukhopadhayay
Mr. Subornodeep Mukherjee
Mr. Sandeep Sen
Mr. Sudipto Nandy
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